The world of work has changed immeasurably over the last few years.

Job shares, flexible working, extended parental leave, home working and sabbaticals have all taken many industries away from the old 9-5 – and rightly so.

Just last week we were reading about the companies that are now offering their teams a four-day week – for five days’ pay. The rationale behind this is simple: your team will thank you for it and work harder. That Friday off is so valued and appreciated that the team will ensure all the work is done to enjoy it, and then come back into work on the Monday so much more refreshed and ready for the week.

What a great idea! While this works for some, such a change obviously can’t be applied to all industries and organisations. But the sentiment behind it can be made tangible to your team in other ways.

People are, quite simply, more happy and productive when they operate within a supportive team. The more you listen to your team’s needs and give them a good work-life balance, they more your business will thrive.

Looking for some tips? Here are some quick ways to promote a healthy work-life balance.

1) Ask your employees what they need. They might be too scared to ask for that time off so encourage an open atmosphere where people know that they have the right to ask and that they will be listened to.

2) Embrace flexitime – The commute is awful at rush hour. If you can, try to operate a more flexible approach. If your team can work for an hour at home and spend half the time travelling in, so be it. They’ll arrive happier, calmer and know that they are trusted.

3) Use tech – Tech gives us the freedom to be more flexible, so don’t get left behind. Face to face meetings are the best, we love them – but sometimes, it’s okay to Skype!! If your team has the tech to work from home, embrace it. Give them the freedom to do so.

4) Bring the home to work – Allow your team to bring personal touches, and what they need (within reason!) to be comfortable. People are not robots – they are unique and it is that uniqueness that makes your company so good.

5) Promote health initiatives – The Daily Mile is an initiative that was started by a teacher in Stirling when she noticed that her students were not concentrating and were unhealthy. Now schools all over the UK run or walk a mile each day – teachers and students – and the results are fantastic. People are energised, healthier, ready to focus. We’re not saying drag your team out for a jog each day, but something along these lines could make the world of difference! Encourage physical health – it has a direct impact on mental health.

Burnout can happen if employees do not have a good work-life balance. At Berrison we’re passionate about helping all our colleagues and clients love their work.

And ensuring that their work can fit around their lives.