We’re runners, here at Berrison. We love to run. Endurance running, marathon running, fell running, you name it – we are fans.

Maybe that’s why we have a good approach to business development and coaching: the journey of a company is very like that of a run or a sporting event. How, you ask? Here’s how.

Knowing your goal

Every sporting event has a clear end – a finish line, a final whistle. And any athlete starts their training knowing what that end is, and how to get there with the result they desire. It’s the same in business planning: you cannot lead a team and move your business forward without a goal. Once you reach this, another goal is set. Sometimes the goalposts move! But you always start your training with the end in sight.


Even solo pursuits involve teams. A professional marathon runner will have a coach and a crew looking after diet, rest, sponsorship and logistics. Amateurs have their fellow runners and their mates cheering them on. Knowing the importance of that team, and how it contributes to the performance, is key in sports and business. We all have a role and it’s imperative that we recognise them all.

Training and preparation

Professional footballers train up to three times a day in pre-season. Marathon runners can clock in around 150 miles a week! The preparation is unique to the sport, the business and the people involved – but without it, the desired performance is simply not achievable. Be responsive and be reactive. Train and prepare!

Avoiding fads

Faddy diets and trendy training methods do not work. Years and years of science have gone into the best possible approaches to sport – and it’s the same for business. We don’t do fads at Berrison. We use tried and tested approaches to create bespoke programmes that will get the best out of you and your team. Simple.

R&R is part of the process!

Everyone needs downtime. Rest is a huge part of any training and fitness regime and essential for the mental health of you and your employees. Having fun and enjoying what you do is central to a successful race, match and business organisation – and it’s at the very heart of what we do. You can see that from our testimonials!