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Learning activities and simulations

Interactive activities and business simulations. Events and activities to support your training and enabling your people to enjoy and retain new learning

Conferences and meetings

Conference content design, management, moderation and activities. Engaging staff and customers. Driving key messages and initiatives.

Team building

Reinforce key messages and initiatives through vivid common experiences that will allow your people to build long lasting relationships.

Learning Activities and Simulations

Learn Practice Develop

Learning and Development

Our learning and development expertise combined with the quality of our interactive activities produces high quality training for any programme or conference. We can add to your existing training strategy or develop a new programme for lots of different subjects.

We can help you create or revise the objectives, structure and content of a training programme based on:

The business context and requirement. The learning audience’s current capability and size. The people who will deliver the training . . . us or you? The budget and resources available. Developing trainer and delegate notes and materials. Creating a set of flexible materials that allows trainers to engage different audiences with the same subject.

Conferences and meetings

Plan it Design it Deliver it

We’ve got you covered

We can help you make your conference interactive and engaging for all involved making it different and better that the last one. Whether it’s an annual conference, a one-off event or a road show we can design a programme that has value beyond the event it’s self.

Often we get asked by our clients: “How can I make this conference different from, or better than the last one?'”

“How do I make sure the conference is interactive and engaging for all involved?”

Well, there are many ways in which we can help you create a conference that achieves exactly what you want it to! We use our expertise to design and structure the conference or meeting around clear objectives, business deliverables and budget. Adding focus and energy to your conference, whilst creating communication flow with attendees that creates an audience keen and ready to participate.

We can help you with six key services below…


Using our expertise to design and structure the conference around clear objectives, business deliverables and a budget.


Providing the compere/facilitator who manages the flow of the conference. Keeping it on track and leaving you and key personnel free to engage with the audience.


Using our training and development expertise we can plan and deliver workshops that support the conference programme. We can coach internal staff who are not trainers to run workshops on the conference themes.


Finding, briefing and coaching of internal or external key note speakers. Ensuring that delivery standards are high and that the messages align with the conference objectives.


Supporting and coaching the senior management team to ensure that the messages given are consistent and are in line with the conference objectives.


Smart device voting, audience participation/opinion technology. Managing audiovisual supplier/facility. Augmented reality to help spread and sustain the conference messages.

Less me, More we

Team Development

Getting teams to gel and develop effective relationships, particularly in tough times can be difficult. Team building in the workplace significantly contributes towards employee motivation and building trust among the employees, thereby ensuring better productivity.

Our activities are clearly focused on helping teams to have fun, bond, build a team story, and practice working well together. Choose the right event and you will strengthen company culture, reinforce values, develop new skills and increase motivation levels.

Our amazing interactive activities can be run indoors or outdoors and can involve community, drama, music, sailing and business simulations.

Team Building

Together everyone achieves more

Engaging activities

Our services make a difference to organisations and businesses on many levels. We help strengthen company culture, reinforce values, develop new skills and increase motivation levels.

To help us do this we have a catalogue of conference engagement activities that support most themes. Our activities can be shaped/re-designed to align with the audience and objectives.

All our events are designed to be fun and engaging and support networking and learning. Our amazing interactive activities can be run indoors or outdoors and can involve:

Community – Drama – Music – Sporting events – Heath and Wellbeing –  Business simulations.

Do it yourself

Hiring our activities

Maybe you don’t want us at all, no worries, we wont be offended!  Maybe all you need is an activity that allows people to practice skills associated with your training.

We have a range of existing activities that can be used as they are or can be altered to fit your theme, content and length of programme.

Here’s an example:

One of our customers in a project based industry, needed it’s managers to become more competent and disciplined with financial and programme reporting. We integrated their customer reporting procedure into TRAX, our project management activity and they ran it to support an internal financial skills programme.

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