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Initial objectives

To elevate the health, safety and well being culture at RES, a global producer and manufacturer of wind farms and renewable energy services. The main focus being to target what was perceived to be an over reliance on procedures and the HSQE department to ‘take care of personal safety’. The change project needed to help all staff understand the link between their role and the safety and performance of others. The client also wanted to extend the health and safety agenda to include personal health, getting staff to take increased responsibility for their own and immediate team member’s wellbeing.


  1. Creating specific safety leadership teams across the business with senior leaders who would monitor and drive local and business initiatives, recognise achievements and establish a communication flow to share ideas, learning and best practice across the company.
  2. Developing an effective communication strategy that involved capturing comments, feedback and successes as well as communicating monthly topics and tips.
  3. Running a series of workshops that are designed to be interactive and which draws on peoples’ own experience of safety. These sessions were also used to poll peoples experiences through some focused questions such as “What is the frequency and quality of safety discussions in your team?” and importantly “Why would you not report a near miss?” We were then able to collate this data and spot trends, which were then fed back to the exec team, and then addressed through the communications strategy


Staff training and development

Across the company the session achieved 97% attendance with over 85% saying that their awareness of Health Safety and Wellbeing has improved as a result of the session and how it was linked to a change in culture not just implementing more rules. Delegate comments include
“As an office based employee, I am much more aware”
“It has certainly changed my perception of Safety and Well Being and given me some initial ideas”
“I feel more empowered.”

Communication strategy

An internal web forum was developed to keep staff mindful and engaged in the topic of health and safety. The forum is for exchanging ideas and sharing experiences.
An evolving and changing poster series containing material from the training was run at the same time as the training to prompt staff to engage in the topic.

Hard indicators

Harder indicators from the business indicate and already low AFR (Accident Frequency Rate) has continued to fall, and anecdotal evidence from current delegates is the change they have seen since the programme began, with safety and well being much higher on the agenda.




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