Senior team development & leadership capability


Overview / The requirement
The senior management team is responsible for the delivery of a large scale, multiple service, facilities management contract for a international bank. Continuous improvement to the contracts’ annual budget and performance measures called for a confident and innovative leadership team. The team needed to be prepared to support each other to find and deliver continuous efficiency improvements and maintain high service levels. Individual members of the senior team needed to increase their confidence and capability to engage their own service line teams in constant change and improvements.



  • Developing a shared vision and ambition for the senior contract management team.
  • Highlight and develop strategies for managing predictable challenges to contract delivery.
  • Developing the strength of the relationship within the senior team and with its customers and stakeholders.
  • Increase the individual leadership confidence for engaging staff in continuous change.


The solution


To deliver the team development objectives Berrison provided a series of quarterly team development session. Using interactive team projects and tasks to develop the ability of the team to hold effective discussions and support and challenge each others performance.

This development activity was integrated within the normal pattern of the teams monthly and quarterly meetings.

Due to working commitments of the team members, the leadership development objectives were delivered by using 1-2-1 coaching.

Using a sequence of face to face and telephone sessions each manager worked with a regular coach over 8 months to develop their leadership skills and confidence.



Berrison learning and engagement activities were used on some of the team development sessions to develop the trust and confidence within the team.