Initial objectives

To support the Construction Projects business unit of Carillion plc in achieving an ambitious business plan that set out a significant period of change and growth. This training and change project involved developing leadership capability to build teams and manage change. The MD responsible for the business unit wished to develop a more proactive and efficient culture that continuously looked for opportunities to exchange resources and best practice. The increased proactivity needed to influence both internal relationships as well as relationships with commercial clients. The aim of developing the culture of the business unit was to improve project planning, manage workflows more efficiently and ultimately lead to increased orders from clients.



Senior team coaching

Coaching the senior management team to work more closely in setting and role-modeling the culture of the business. Working with the team over a 12 month period to help them stay strategically focused and devolve more responsibility though the organization.

Communication flow

Assisting the client in designing and delivering management conferences and road show style events to engage staff in the business vision and activities required to perform as a business unit.

Leadership development

Delivering a three module leadership and influence skills training programme for senior managers. Increasing their ability to build commercial teams that develop a continuous improvement mentality.

Customer relationship management was built into the leadership programme to increase the influence that senior project managers have in their clients strategic planning cycle.

Team Development

Training events with representatives from teams across the business focused on increasing the inter team support and communication flow.


This project is still in progress. The first stages of this work have given the senior team a much greater focus and confidence. The team now holds regular performance review where they invest time in their own performance prior to taking on the most pressing strategic objective. (Radical Ha!)
Teams within the business unit have started to share more ideas and expertise leading to more efficient projects and increased service to the clients.
In the future the success of this project will in part be measure in relation to business plan performance – “Did we get there?” As well as other matrix such as staff satisfaction within the unit and the efficiency of the services provided to clients.

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