Peer Coaching


‘In flight coaching’

Berrison Learning Activities was employed by the Air Bus Academy to organize an interactive session to support a coaching skills programme. The event used was a bespoke version of our ‘Fly High’ flight simulator experience. Ironically we had to transport the simulators to the South of France (their flat pack versions wouldn’t take off!). Berrison L&C supported the the event by providing specialist management coaching guidance for the Airbus Trainers to ensure that the activities added true value to the learning experience.

The Objectives

The one-day event needs to be supported by an experiential learning exercise that should last no more than 2 hours. It would need to meet the following objectives:

  • A fun and engaging way to practice coaching and performance management skills
  • Make an impact by being stimulated by a live challenge
  • Experience peer coaching in a pressured and changing environment
  • Allows time slots for peer review in behaviour and technical skills
  • An event that allows participants to repeat challenges and be able to observe the progress made from applying the coaching and reviewing skills


The Solution

Fly High Challenge and a training facilitator with each group of six to manage and co-ordinate the learning.

We want to keep the theme around flight and all the pressures and fun that come with that environment. We have 5 different simulation challenges and each one is perfect for repeating the three-stage process of:

  • Learn the skill from the instructor
  • Do the activity
  • Peer review/coach
  • And then repeat the process applying the key learning



We provided the following simulators with instructors:

  • Glider Simulator
  • Cessna Single Engine Multi Config Simulator enclosed cockpit
  • Multi Engine Jetsim enclosed cockpit
  • Modular Airliner Touchscreen Simulator enclosed cockpit
  • Helicopter Simulator enclosed cockpit
  • Remote control Helicopter Simulator off one screen (Challenge activity)
  • Remote control Indoor Helicopters (Challenge activity) 

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