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Welcome to the Berrison blog.

Pretty much every morning, usually as we’re having the first coffee of the day, we get into a conversation that quickly becomes a debate. It’s brilliant. But invariably we have to divert our attention away from whatever theory or opinion is being thrown around, and more often than not, we’re a little bummed out. So this is the place where those free wheeling conversations get fleshed out.

WELLNESS not FITNESS! The 10 in 10 Challenge

WELLNESS not FITNESS! The 10 in 10 Challenge So, let’s be honest with each other. No one really likes exercising, right? We know it’s probably something that we should do, but somehow, it just never seems like there’s enough time. I suppose if we were being really...

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10 Essential Top Tips for a Stress Free December

10 Essential Top Tips for a Stress Free December. Depending on your business or profession, Christmas conjures up different things for different people. For some of you business will be hectically gearing up, for others gradually winding down, but what ever the...

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Tai Chi and leadership

I had a remarkable experience last week that I’d like to share with you. For the 3 decades that I have been a coach/trainer in the field of leadership. I have also practised various forms of Tai Chi and Qi Gung but have, as yet, never combined the two; up until now!...

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Are you having fun at work?

Are you having fun at work? Here at Berrison we decided to make “fun” one of our core values as a business. Why, business is tough, with endless to-do lists and constant pressure to perform and deliver. So why choose fun as a core value? Not because we need fun as...

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ISO 9001 Continuous Development of Quality

How important is Continuous Professional Development (CPD) in your business? As part of Berrison’s journey towards ISO 9001 2015 we are always looking for ways to improve the quality of what we offer to our clients. We truly believe in order to do this we must stay up...

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What our 4 legged friends can teach us about leadership

Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done, because they want to do it.- Dwight D Eisenhower. Have you ever wanted your staff or team members to do something for you, and they agree to do it, but when it comes to it, they just don't! ...

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Why listening is not the same as hearing- 5 Top tips

You're not listening! Why listening is not the same as hearing. 5 Tips to improve your listening skills I remember my lovely husband saying to me "Tina you're not listening" my retort of course was "I am"  I remember feeling quite indignant at the time, as I truly was...

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7 reasons you should know your remote staff better

Getting to know your staff sounds like the simplest thing in the world, but often the reality of work pressures or perceived opinion of what a manager should do, can result in wasted time, money and effort.  The other day I was taking an early morning train, the only...

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